Location & Area

Sirohi district is situated in the south-west part of Rajasthan between the parallel of 24°20' and 25°17' North Latitude and 72°16' and 73°10' East Longitude. It is bounded by district Pali in the north-east, district Udaipur in the east, Jalore in the west and Banaskantha district of Gujarat in the south. The total geographical area of the district is 5136 Sq. Km., which covers about 1.52 percent of the total area of Rajasthan.


Infrastructure / Facilities 31.12.2012
Area Served by Per Medical Institution (Sq. Km.) (Annual Progress Report- DMHS) 21
No. of Electrified villages (Annual Progress Report- RVVN) 455
No. of Villages with drinking water facilities (Annual Progress Report- PHED) 455
Road (PWD) length in km. (Annual Progress Report- PWD) 1881
Per Capita Net District Domestic Product 2009-10
At current prices (Rs.) 39246
At Constant (2004-05) Prices (Rs.) 26831
Land Use (Agricultural Statistics of Rajasthan- DES) 2010-11
Average land holding (Hect.) (Census of Agriculture)​​ 2.59
% of Forest area to reporting area 30.02
% of Net Irrigated Area to Net Area Sown 48.83
% of Gross Irrigated Area to Gross Area Sown​ 43.68