Geographical & Physical Features

Sirohi District 2011
No. of sub-Districts 5
No. of Towns 9
No. of Statutory Towns 5
No. of Census Towns 4
No. of Villages 477


Sirohi district is situated in the south-west part of Rajasthan between the parallel of 24°20' and 25°17' North Latitude and 72°16' and 73°10' East Longitude. It is bounded by district Pali in the north-east, district Udaipur in the east, Jalore in the west and Banaskantha district of Gujarat in the south. The total geographical area of the district is 5136 Sq. Km., which covers about 1.52 percent of the total area of Rajasthan. Sirohi is the third smallest district of Rajasthan, after Dungarpur and Banswara.

Sirohi district is broken up by hills and rocky ranges. The granite massif of Mount Abu divides the district into two portions, running from north-east to south-west. The south and south-east part of the district, which lies between Mount Abu and the main spine of the Aravallis, is mountainous and rugged, and is drained by the West Banas River. Abu Road, a station on the main Delhi-Ahmedabad rail line, lies in the valley of the West Banas. The dry deciduous forest is common in this part of the district, and the higher elevations of Mount Abu are covered in conifer forests. Abu Road is the biggest city and the main financial hub of Sirohi district.


The portion of the district west and north of Mount Abu is drier, lying in the rain shadow of the mountain, which blocks the southwest monsoon. The southwest corner of the district is drained by the Sukri River, an intermittent stream that drains the western slope of Mount Abu. The north-western portion of the district is drained by tributaries of the Luni River. The North-western thorn scrub forests cover the western and northern portion of the district. Warada is the last village of Sirohi located on Sirohi-Siyana Road.


Major Rivers: Jawai, Sukhadi, Khari, Bodi, Krishnavati, Kapalganga, and Banas.


Major Dams: Banas, Oda, Danta, Chandela, Girwar, Niboda, Javal, KarodiDwaj, and Angor.


Major Crops: Millets, Pulses, Sesame, and Red Chillies.