Fairs & Festivals

Sirohi is basically situated in Marwar, but it is surrounded and influenced by three traditional cultures: Marwar, Mewar and Gujarat. So its festivals have glimpses of all three cultures. Revadi Fair and Sarneshwarji Fair are most famous festivals of Sirohi District  and celebrated in Sirohi every year. In Pindwara and Aburoad Tehsils, fairs and festivals are organized at ancient temple sites and the tribal population participates in large number with their traditional colorful dresses, ornaments and weapons. In such fairs, the youth of tribal community selects their match while dancing with umbrella and colorful handkerchiefs. These fairs are now organized at Gopeshwar (2 kms away from Pindwara towards Udaipur), Markundeshwar, Ajari, Siyava (Aburoad), and Rishikesh near Aburoad. Other fair sites are Lotana, Rameshwar, Kedarnath, Amli, Valoriya, Vasanthgarh in Sirohi district.



Tehsil-wise famous Fairs & Festivals



  • Gautam Ji - Chautila Hill Fair - This fair is of Meena community which is devoted to Gautam Rishi, a God of Meena community. The occasion is celebrated on 13th April every year. Seeing good oman, the Meena community digs a pit in the Sukhdi river and on the day Ganga appears and lasts till the fair is over.
  • Kambeshwar Mahadev Fair - On Kanakolar hill in Sheoganj tehsil. This fair is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Vambeshwar Mahadev Fair - It is celebrated in Jadoli Veer.
  • Jagannath Fair - It is organised in Sheoganj town.
  • Pabuji Fair - This fair is celebrated on the river bed of Jawai river, mainly concerned with Bhils.



  • Sarneshwar Ji Fair - It organised at Sarneshwar Ji temple in Sirohi.


  • Sheetla Mata Fair - It held in Sirohi town.
  • Kalkaji Fair - This fair organised in Sirohi town.
  • Jageshwar Fair - This fair is celebrated in Sirohi tehsil.
  • Godi Parshavnath Fair - It is in Mohabbat Nagar.
  • Mirpur Parshavnath Fair - This one is held in Mirpur.
  • Vaidyanath Fair - It is held in Falwadi village.
  • Brahma Ji Fair - People celebrates this in Kalandari.
  • Varada Hanuman Fair - People gathers in Warada village.



  • Liladhari Mahadev Fair - Locals gathers in Mandar.
  • Jiravala Parshavnath Fair - This is held in Jirawal.
  • Karrodidwaj Fair - This famous fair held in Karrodidwaj village.
  • Jageshwar Mahadev Fair - It is organised at Dantrai hill in Dantrai village.